Best All Inclusive Resorts in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia, with its lush landscapes and crystal-clear waters, plays host to some of the dreamiest all-inclusive resorts you could ever imagine.

From gourmet dining to thrilling water sports, these resorts have got it all covered. So, get ready to soak up the laid-back Caribbean vibes, where the only decision you’ll need to make is whether to bask in the sun or take a stroll along the sandy shores.

Your stress-free vacation awaits in one of the top resorts in St Lucia all inclusive where every moment feels like a warm embrace from the island itself!

Discover the Best Resorts in Saint Lucia All Inclusive

If you are a lover of beaches and tropical weather, then Saint Lucia is a good option. Next, you will find the best all inclusive resorts in Saint Lucia.

1. Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in St Lucia for couples where romance meets relaxation. Located on its captivating peninsula, this all-inclusive haven seamlessly marries serenity with adventure.

The resort’s over-the-water bungalows offer an exclusive escape, boasting panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, setting the stage for an idyllic retreat. Rodney Bay, with its tranquil waters and the majestic silhouette of the surrounding mountains, provides a stunning backdrop to the resort’s allure.

Sandals Grande St. Lucian has multiple pools, while gourmet restaurants promise a culinary journey around the globe. The resort’s beachfront location invites exploration of crystal-clear waters through a variety of water sports, from snorkeling to paddleboarding. For moments of pure relaxation, the Red Lane Spa offers a sanctuary of rejuvenating treatments. As the sun sets, the resort comes alive with vibrant entertainment, themed nights, and romantic seaside dinners.

2. Jade Mountain Resort

If you are looking for resorts in St Lucia jade mountain, then you can visit Jade Mountain Resort perched on the lush hillsides of Saint Lucia. Carved into the landscape with architectural finesse, the resort’s infinity pool sanctuaries offer an unparalleled connection to nature, with each suite providing an open-wall sanctuary framing the iconic Pitons and the azure waters of the Caribbean.

Located above the renowned Anse Chastanet Beach, Jade Mountain immerses guests in an ambiance of tranquility and sophistication in the symphony of tropical bliss.

Jade Mountain provides world-class facilities and a myriad of activities. Each suite boasts a private infinity pool, ensuring that serenity is just a step away. The resort’s dining experience is a gastronomic journey, with farm-to-table cuisine served in a setting that echoes the natural beauty of the surroundings.

For those seeking adventure, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing await on the pristine waters below. The resort’s commitment to wellness is evident in its fitness facilities and yoga programs, while the Kai en Ciel Spa invites guests to surrender to rejuvenating treatments.

3. Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort

Set against the backdrop of Saint Lucia’s majestic Pitons, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, is one of the best resorts in St Lucia for honeymoon in the Caribbean. Perched on the pristine sands of one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, the resort is a masterpiece of design, blending contemporary elegance with the lush greenery of the rainforest.

The accommodations, from rooms to villas, offer an intimate escape, each providing breathtaking views of the turquoise waters. As the sun dips below the horizon, the resort transforms into a haven of romance, with the soft glow of evening lights setting the stage for starlit dinners and moonlit walks along the beach.

Sugar Beach enchants visitors not only with its idyllic setting but also with its world-class facilities and activities to suit every taste. The Rainforest Spa, nestled among the treetops, beckons with rejuvenating treatments inspired by the island’s rich natural resources. Culinary excellence takes center stage at the resort’s restaurants, where a fusion of international flavors and locally sourced ingredients creates a memorable dining experience.

For those seeking adventure, the crystal-clear waters invite exploration through snorkeling, diving, and various water sports, while the sun-drenched beach provides a tranquil escape for sunbathing and relaxation.

4. The BodyHoliday, Saint Lucia

Looking for some luxury resorts in St Lucia? In the heart of Saint Lucia, lies The BodyHoliday, a holistic haven where wellness and luxury dance hand in hand. Located along the island’s northwestern coast, this resort embraces a unique concept, inviting guests to embark on a journey of rejuvenation surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing symphony of the ocean.

The BodyHoliday is a sanctuary where mind, body, and spirit converge in perfect harmony. The accommodations, ranging from elegant rooms to spacious suites, provide a tranquil escape, offering breathtaking views of the azure waters and vibrant gardens that dot the landscape.

The resort has multiple pools and fitness studios. Beyond the physical rejuvenation, the resort offers a diverse array of activities, from yoga and water sports to themed wellness weeks led by expert practitioners. Gourmet dining becomes an integral part of the holistic experience, with a focus on nutrition that complements the wellness journey.

5. Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa

Royalton Saint Lucia Resort & Spa is one of the best royalton resorts in St Lucia, perched on the pristine beaches of Cap Estate. The location offers a picturesque backdrop of turquoise waters and verdant hills, setting the stage for an immersive tropical retreat.

Royalton Saint Lucia is one of the best resorts in St Lucia for families, featuring a dedicated Splash Park and supervised kids’ and teens’ clubs, ensuring that younger guests have a memorable and engaging vacation.

Royalton Saint Lucia’s facilities are designed to cater to both relaxation and recreation, making it an ideal choice for families and couples alike. The resort boasts multiple swimming pools, including an inviting infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Culinary delights take center stage with diverse dining options, ranging from international flavors to local specialties. Guests can indulge in spa treatments, partake in water sports, or simply unwind on the sun-drenched beach. As the sun sets, the resort transforms into an enchanting haven of entertainment, offering live music, themed nights, and a vibrant nightlife scene.

6. Sandals Grande St. Lucian

On the shores of Saint Lucia, where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean unite, lies the enchanting Sandals Grande St. Lucian by sandals resorts in St Lucia. This beachfront haven, set on a captivating peninsula, invites guests to revel in the luxury of island living. The resort’s accommodations, ranging from elegant rooms to over-the-water bungalows, provide a front-row seat to panoramic views of the surrounding waters.

With multiple pools, including an iconic infinity pool, Sandals Grande St. Lucian offers an immersive experience in both relaxation and recreation, creating an idyllic atmosphere where every day feels like a celebration of the Caribbean spirit.

Also, Sandals Grande St. Lucian unfolds as a playground for water enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike. If you are looking for some wedding resorts in St Lucia all inclusive, Sandals Grande opens the doors to an array of water sports, from kayaking to paddleboarding, allowing guests to explore the crystal-clear waters at their own pace.

Gourmet dining has become an art form with a variety of restaurants offering international cuisines, ensuring that every culinary desire is met. As the sun dips below the horizon, the resort transforms into an evening of entertainment, featuring live music, themed parties, and the lively ambiance of the resort’s bars.

7. Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Are you interested in some coconuts resorts in St Lucia? Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa is the tropical delight you need to visit. Located on the island’s southeast coast, this resort is a haven with golden sands, creating the perfect canvas for family fun and relaxation. Yes! It is one of the best family resorts in St Lucia all inclusive.

Divided into two wings, Harmony and Splash, Coconut Bay caters to both the serene retreat seekers and the spirited families in search of an energetic escape. Splash, the family-friendly wing, unveils a water park where laughter echoes through the air, offering an exhilarating playground for kids and the young at heart.

Beyond the refreshing splash zones, Coconut Bay boasts facilities and activities to suit every taste. Indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, savor a diverse culinary journey at the resort’s restaurants, or kick back with a cocktail by one of the pools. The resort’s all-inclusive package ensures that both parents and little ones are catered to, with supervised kids’ and teens’ clubs, allowing everyone to revel in their version of the perfect vacation.

Final Words

We are sure that at the moment of booking a hotel, you will always prefer to do it in the best resorts in St Lucia all inclusive. In this way, you will enjoy each moment of your holidays, feeling at home.

If you are planning your vacations in St Lucia resorts all inclusive, then you can keep in mind one of the resorts we mentioned in this list. It does not matter if you want a family-friendly resort or one suitable for couples and adults to have a peaceful escape, in this list, you can find different options. So we hope you enjoyed it and don’t hesitate to share this article, maybe it can be helpful to someone else.

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