Best Bimini Beaches You Must Visit

What better place to spend a vacation in the Bahamas than Bimini? Just 50 kilometers from Miami Beach, you will find the top Bimini beaches you must visit, why? Because the Bimini Islands are a paradise for white sand lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Located right in the middle of the Gulf Stream, Bimini has pleasant temperatures all year round.

These Bimini Islands have always been well appreciated by deep-sea fishermen and for those looking for the best Bimini beach resorts. For these reasons, next, you will find everything you need to know about the Bimini Islands!

Where is Bimini Beach, the Hidden Gem of the Bahamas?

Turquoise sea, incredible beaches, and a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The Bimini Islands, made up of Bimini North, Bimini South, and Bimini East, are located 50 kilometers off the coast of Miami Beach and are part of the Bahamas, representing the western district.

Only the first two islands are inhabited, which are the largest. North Bimini with a width of about 7 kilometers. Alice Town is a small central town full of shops, restaurants, and bars located on the street known as “The King’s Highway”. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities due to the large number of corals in the area that give a particular charm to the diving experience.

South Bimini contains one runway, South Bimini Airport. It is a quiet and lively alternative to North Bimini. There is a small community of homes known as Port Royale and an epic naturalist drive.

Why Visit the Bimini Islands?

If you are wondering why visit this heaven-on-earth place, next, we will explain why the Bimini beaches worth visiting.

More than two hundred years ago, the first to discover the beauty of this place were settlers from the United Kingdom. Full of splendid beaches, rich and varied marine life, local cuisine, and links to history and legends, the Bimini could become your next destination for a dream vacation, but also for a short excursion, if you are in Miami, since it only takes a couple of hours of navigation.

Small, but the islands have had a great impact on the course of history and myth. They have been a source of inspiration for Martin Luther King, where he has written three speeches. On the other hand, perhaps you have heard of it, but not because of its beaches or its turquoise water, but because, according to some legends, the submerged road to the lost city of Atlantis began from Bimini. And, as relevant information, you should know that the Bimini archipelago is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and not by the Caribbean Sea.

Although you will see the occasional tourist, the islands have never been crowded with visitors. But they are changing, since there are several projects in progress such as a new dock for cruise ships or new properties under construction. It is worth visiting this little paradise in the Bahamas as soon as possible to enjoy its slow and calm atmosphere before the crowds make it impossible.

When is the Best Time to Visit Bimini Beaches?

Like the rest of the Bahamas, Bimini has hot temperatures year-round. A tropical climate with hot summers and mythical winters where, rarely, temperatures fall below 20 degrees. The high season reaches its highest level between mid-November and the end of April. It coincides precisely with shark season, so many diving enthusiasts come to swim to admire the hammerhead sharks that love cold waters.

Summer travelers will have to deal with a series of occasional rains with high humidity and the possibility of hurricanes as the islands are right in the belt of Atlantic hurricanes. The rainy season in the Bahamas runs from May to October, with June and October being the two rainiest months. The low season is the best time to visit Bimini beaches for some people because of some advantages since there are fewer tourists and good deals on flights and hotels.

If you ask yourself: are Bimini beaches safe? Yes!, Absolutely. Bimini is known for being one of the safest islands for vacations in the Bahamas and the locals are very friendly to tourists. So, relax, however, use common sense, i.e., if you have never been to Bimini, do not try to venture alone at 3 in the morning to get into the sea!

What are the Best Beaches in Bimini?

No matter where you are on the island, all of Bimini’s beaches are wonderful. Well, we are talking about crystal clear turquoise waters or soft white sand beaches which means you don’t need to use Instagram filters.

The best Bimini beaches to visit are located along the west side of North Bimini. If you are looking for the best Bimini beach club atmosphere you can go to Bimini Beach, where you can find the Resort World BeachClub which offers frozen drinks and serves an informal menu of salads and stir-fries for lunch. Comfortable changing rooms flanking the bridge, sun loungers, and umbrellas that you can find on the beach everywhere, all facing the Ocean, well equipped so you can enjoy a splendid view of the sunset.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for is a desert island, Radio Beach in Alice Town (North Bimini) is your place. Perhaps you will not find any type of service (bring with you a towel, a snack and that’s it), but there is the possibility that you will enjoy this wild paradise exclusively for yourself.

Other famous beaches include Blister Bay along King’s Highway, Spook Hill Beach next to the cemetery, Honeymoon Harbor Beach on Gun Cay (accessible only by boat or jet ski), and Bimini Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is famous for having at the disposal of the tourists, several restaurants where they offer fresh seafood and very good drinks. Many of these restaurants are set with very good music and cheerful and cool personnel.

Bimini Myrtle Beach is also considered a great place to fish, and for that, you can visit Big Game Fishing Club and Dolphin Cove, where they offer unique activities. In addition, there are also several resorts with all the necessary amenities for a dream vacation.

Bimini’s Top Attractions

If you’re looking for something to do on dry land, which means, the best places to visit near Bimini Beach, we suggest taking a golf cart or bike ride so you can explore the sights along the King’s Highway. You have to try the pizza from Edith’s Pizza, or stop by the local street food stalls to try a seafood salad or seafood fritters (a typical Bahamian dish); For those more adventurous you can try the aphrodisiac delights of the island.

If you’d like to learn about the island’s history, look out for Ansil Saunders, a local boat builder, champion bonefisher, and former guide to Martin Luther King. On the other hand, the interesting Dolphin Museum is a three-story structure built in the last 25 years with recycled and reused materials.

To take great photos you should stop by the Galant Lady, a shipwrecked on the shore. While for anyone looking for adventure, there is nothing better than investigating the Fountain of Youth.

You can also take a look at the house where Hemingway wrote “The Old Man and the Sea.” The islands honor his memory with places he frequented.

Some Great Activities to Do at Bimini Beach

If you are on vacation, even if you are looking for tranquility and calm, you will also want to know a little about some activities to do at Bimini Beach, of course, many of them are for aquatic activities lovers.

Visitors can have doubts about which aquatic sport to choose in Bimini. The calm waters make it an ideal place to practice aquatic skiing, rowing, fishing, paddleboarding, or kiteboarding. The Healing Hole to the North Bimini is a freshwater source with therapeutic properties. It is part of the mangrove ecosystem and is the perfect place for a kayak ride.

But if you simply want to swim, the waters of the Bimini Islands are exceptional: visibility is fantastic, and abundant marine life. In addition to swimming with the hammer sharks, which is considered one of the top things to do in Bimini Beach, or even having fun with bull sharks, you will find many popular activities including feeding the stingray or seeing a herd of wild dolphins.

The shallow coral reefs are perfect for snorkeling, while divers do not need to go too low to see sharks or other sea creatures. You cannot miss the partially sunken remains of the SS Sapona, a loaded ship with a concrete helmet that was pigeonholed in Bimini during the hurricane of 1926.

Final Words

Bimini beaches offer an unmatched experience of natural beauty and tranquility. Each has its unique charm, from the crystalline waters of Paradise Beach to the story on Radio Beach. So now you know, that Bimini is an essential destination for beach lovers and relaxation with the best Bimini beach things to do.

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